Texas Butter will always be Texas Butter. We acquired the DBA Texas Dust but have no plans to utilize it at this time. Since Texas Butter is a quality over quantity specialty product we had or have been looking into going a less expensive route for people by utilizing a co-packer and the company formed under Texas Dust. So for now it's just a domain really, only known to retailers, Txdu.st is made so you can go in and out efficiently while we can get you taken care of the same way. Before this site it could take three days of phone tag before we even revved up the engines. Let's go now.

If you are new, welcome, this site was built to show you a little bit of what Texas Butter is all about. As a retailer you are in and out. All the pricing on texasbutter.com are fixed and sales or discounts are no longer offered. If your customer ever has a question you'd rather us answer then send them our way. We'll happily get them fixed up.

Due to the overwhelming positive responses from our spices we had to make a couple changes. When going from making sauces to spices it's two different sets of almost everything to get one made. For instance if someone ordered spices in the middle of a sauce run there is no slipping in the spice order. There's a big cleaning process between the two and making seasonings in a semi-wet kitchen is no good. Most notably the grinder will clog + it's naturally humid down here. The spice order would have to wait until the sauce is done making for a very long day.

We don't push the sauces even though TB was built on sauces. Bottom line, numbers don't lie. We still fill lifers and stragglers that stumble in for sauces.

All of our social media is automated for proof of life and if a customer wants to play around. We no longer spend time cultivating them as that time is spent on the root of our house. We have a pretty popular recipe section on texasbutter.com.

The Texas Butter telephone number is not on the site due to a huge spam storm. When you contact us all my info will be listed in the signature. You are more than welcome to get a hold of me anytime!

Thanks for coming around! - Shawn

A couple of our popular recipes for a month below.


Since Cottonmouth we've had a lot of pokes to make the spices in larger packaging. We've gone from tin to plastic to mylar bags and hands down pound for pound, buck for buck the bags win. They keep moisture out the best and there's more product than packaging that keeps monies in sync why you really bought the product. MORE



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